What We Do!

Freshly Baked Naan

Freshly baked bread. Need we say more.
We cook our own recipe Naans to order, in an authentic Tandoor to get a beautiful soft pillowy texture with a delicious crunchy base. The bread is just as important as was goes in it, for the perfect sandwich.

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The Star Of The Show
The diva, the attention seeker.  It always get the lime light and rightly so, Whatever gets to be our star, gets the star treatment, whether is 18hr smoked brisket, slow flame charred lambs shoulder, molten fired halloumi, it gets all the attention it deserves.... 

The Finishers

Salsa, salads, slaws.  These bring the whole thing together. There to compliment the Stars with punchy flavours and zesty ingedients to bring balance. Think, Mango & chilli salsa, herb slaws, pickled cucumbers, lime mayo...  

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Our Naans are delicious on their own,  but what if you could make them better... Like glazing them with garlic butter, stuffing them with cheese or chilli, or both!
We like to experiment , keep a look out for new ideas.

Stranger Naans

Off-beat BBQ in a naan, based in London, UK.
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